2 Reasons To Eat More Sustainably in 2022

2 Reasons To Eat More Sustainably in 2022

As we head into 2022, it’s important to reflect on how the food industry has impacted the environment. About half of the world’s habitable land and 70 percent of the world’s fresh water is used for agriculture.

Statistics like this can seem disturbing, but if we choose to live greener lives and establish healthy habits for us and the environment, we can turn those numbers around! Here are two reasons to eat more sustainably in 2022.

Health Benefits

When we eat processed foods such as chips, pizza, and fast food, we unconsciously put additives and other harmful chemicals in our bodies. Unhealthy food causes health problems, and healthy food is our best medicine.

Many experts recommend eating a whole and natural diet filled with whole grains, fruit, and veggies. People who favor plant-based lifestyles find that their diet benefits their health as well as the Earth. Maintaining a diet that consists of nutrients and antioxidants can help your body stay strong and healthy.

Environmental Benefits

What does eating sustainably really mean? It means choosing foods that are good for both your body and the environment. Many unhealthy, unsustainable foods contain preservatives and animal products that are harmful to the environment and the animals used to produce those foods.

When you eat sustainably, you’re contributing to the global shift of eco-friendly efforts to provide a safer and healthier world for the next generation.

When more people eat a sustainable diet, fewer greenhouse gasses and fossil fuels are produced, positively affecting our daily lives.

How To Eat More Sustainably

You may be wondering, “How can I eat more sustainably?” Great question! There are a few ways you can help the environment by having a healthy diet. Here are the most common techniques:

  • Ask Before You Order. You don’t have to avoid restaurants to eat more whole foods. Order from the vegan or vegetarian menu or simply ask the server if what you chose from their menu is sustainable.
  • Switch It Up. Add new sustainable foods to your daily menu to keep it fresh. Sure, you can get your nutrients from avocado toast, fruits, and nuts, but you could add a sustainable item such as seaweed! Seaweed is chockfull of critical vitamins, it goes great with almost any meal, and it’s one of the most sustainable foods on the planet. It requires no land, fresh water, or fertilizer to grow. You can add it to breakfast sandwiches, salads, soups, and even smoothies. You can buy kombu seaweed on our website to add new flavor to your meals.
  • Reuse Food. If you have leftovers from dinner the night before, eat them for lunch the next day instead of buying something new. That way, you’re putting all of your food to good use.

The above two reasons to eat more sustainably in 2022 can be easily implemented in your daily routine. You’ll be healthier, and the environment will be a little bit greener.