3 Ways Seaweed Aquaculture Impacts the Environment

3 Ways Seaweed Aquaculture Impacts the Environment

Seaweed, also known as macroalgae, is a type of sea vegetable consisting of forms of algae that grow in the ocean. They're a significant food source for ocean life and have many colors, from green to red and brown to black.

They're commonly grown along rocky shores around the world. Seaweed has been a staple in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine for centuries. But what do they offer to the environment? Here are three different ways seaweed aquaculture impacts the environment.

Seaweed Farming Benefits

Seaweed collection traces back to the sixteen-hundreds in Japan and the fifteen-hundreds in Korea. The collectors consider seaweed beds wildlife habitats, so they opt out machinery and boats for hand collecting the top canopy of the seaweed. This way, it doesn't disturb the natural life and continues its abundance. Therefore, with the use of collecting by hand, the habitats can further grow and the ecosystem continues to thrive, assisting in waste removal and natural toxin breakdowns.

Nitrogen Reduction and Eutrophication

One of the great ways seaweed aquaculture impacts the environment is that seaweed farming can promote the sea's health. It helps with eutrophication, which is when water becomes overly enriched with nutrients and causes excessive algae growth and oxygen depletion.

Studies have shown that eutrophication has removed massive amounts of nitrogen and phosphate from the coastal waters. Seaweed aquaculture has also absorbed large amounts of CO2 and released oxygen into the ocean, creating a natural filter that removes pollutants from the environment.

Uses as Biofuel

Biomass energy itself encompasses plant and animal-derived energy. Interestingly, seaweed aquaculture assists in the use of biofuel to increase renewable energy. Food crop waste, animal farming, human sewage, wood or forest residue, and horticultural by-products are considered biomass energy.

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