Good For Our Tastebuds

Cooking with seaweed!!! There are so many wonderful and delicious ways to include these nutritious, umami-rich sea vegetables in meals, from appetizers all the way to desserts (yes, desserts). Soon you'll be able to click here and see some of our favorite recipes using our organic Dulse, Wakame and Kombu seaweeds, as well as our Sprinkles, Purée and Pasta Sauces. Kombu-cured salmon, Kelp Mayonnaise, Dulse-wrapped Scallops, Avocado Toast, Kelp Fudge...the possibilities are mouthwatering and endless! We'll be adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check here and our Instagram page to see the latest delicious ideas we've got in store for you.

Ocean's Balance RecipesOcean's Balance Recipes

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